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Yoast SEO changelog - page 7

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  • Prevent dying on edit post page for new posts / pages without focus keyword.
  • Fix replacement of %%excerpt%% in snippet preview.


  • Fix wrong SEO Analysis value icon, regression from


  • Add role specific removal from XML Author sitemap
  • Add option to exclude user from XML Author sitemap on user profile page


  • Fixed a potential error with $canonical not being a string after being filtered.
  • Fixed more bugs with first paragraph keyword detection.
  • Fixed bug in saving new opengraph title and images variables in the social settings.
  • Fixed bug where SEO score incorrectly reported as 'Bad' when no focus keyword set, props smerriman for finding, props Jrf for the fix.
  • Override woo_title() output harder than before to remove need for force rewrite with WooThemes themes.


  • Replace %%parent_title%% variable client side through JS.
  • i18n
  • updated ar, cs_CZ, fr_FR, hr, pl_PL, pt_BR and ru_RU
  • new .pot file based off of the 1.5.5 version


  • Fixed several notices for undefined variables.
  • Properly trim meta description to its desired size again, regression caused in 1.5.4.
  • Fix empty last modified date for term sitemaps in sitemap index.
  • Fix bug where wpseo_sitemap_exclude_empty_terms filter wouldn't work for index sitemap.


  • Improve nonce checking in bulk title & description editor.
  • Prevent direct access to XSL file.
  • Improve code styling to match WordPress code standard even more strictly, props Jrf.
  • Add button to copy home meta description to home OpenGraph description.


  • Properly minified the metabox JS file, fixing snippet preview, props Jrf.
  • Format unix timestamp to string in sitemap, fixes possible fatal error in XML sitemap.


  • Backing out earlier change, as this breaks the snippet preview.
  • Enhancement
  • Reintroduced the 'Strip the category base (usually /category/) from the category URL.' option.


  • Fix regression issue - non-replacement of %%name%% variable as reported in issue #1104 by firstinflight - props Jrf.
  • Fixed an issue where %%category%% was not replaced on certain pages.
  • Added support for %%tag%% even if the ID is empty.
  • All remaining not replaced title vars are now stripped from the title.
  • Added a fallback to post_date in the sitemap 'mod' property for when a post is lacking the post_date_gmt value.


  • Added some missing textdomains.
  • Fixed a license manager request bug.
  • Work-around for fatal error caused by other plugins doing front-end post updates without loading all the required WP files, such as the WP Google Forms plugin - props Jrf.
  • Fixed incorrect link to Issues in - props GaryJones.
  • Fixed a fatal error caused by not checking if Google Suggest request reponse is valid - props jeremyfelt.
  • Fixed a screen option bug in bulk edit options - props designerken.
  • Fixed warnings on edit files section - props Jrf.
  • Fixed a warning when post_type is an array - props unr.
  • i18n
  • Updated el_GR, hu_HU, nl_NL and pl_PL


  • Fixed a WordPress Network license bug.
  • i18n
  • Updated el_GR, fa_IR, hu, it_IT, pt_PT, ru_RU, tr_TK and zh_CN
  • Added Malay


  • Fixed: Premium support link was being added to all plugins, not just ours ;-)
  • Only show the breadcrumbs-blog-remove option if user uses page_for_posts as it's not applicable otherwise and can cause confusion.
  • Clean up url query vars after use in our settings page to avoid actions being executed twice - props Jrf.

Note: if you already upgraded to v1.5+, you will need to retrieve your Facebook Apps again and please also check your Google+ URL. We had some bugs with both being escaped too aggressively. Sorry about that.


  • Fix for issue with Soliloquy image slider was not applied to minified js file.
  • Fixed some PHP 'undefined index' notices.
  • Fix banner images overlapping text in help tabs.
  • Fixed meta description tag not showing for taxonomy (category/tag/etc) pages as reported in issue #737 and #780 - props Jrf.
  • Prevent a fatal error if wp_remote_get() fails while testing whether the title needs to be force rewritten as reported by homeispv - props Jrf.




  • If mbstring extension isn't loaded, fatal error was thrown.


This release contains tons and tons of bugfixes and security improvements. Credits for this release largely go to Juliette Reinders Folmer aka Jrf / jrfnl.

Also a heartfelt thanks go out to the beta testers who tested all the changes. Special mentions for testers Woyto, Bnpositive, Surbma, DavidCH1, TheITJuggler, kletskater who caught a number of bugs and provided us with actionable information to fix these.

This version also incorporates the SEO Extended plugin functionality into WP SEO with graceful thanks to Faison and Scott Offord for their great work on this plugin.

This version contains a lot of changes under the hood which will break backward compatibility, i.e. once you've upgraded, downgrading will break things.So make sure you make a backup of your settings/database before upgrading.



  • Do not include external URLs in XML sitemap (Issue #528) - props tivnet.
  • Get home_url out of the sitemap loop - props tivnet.
  • Add support for html entities - props julienmeyer.
  • Fixed wrong use of __FILE__.
  • Enhancement
  • WPSEO_FILE now has a 'defined' check.
  • Removed unneeded dirname calls.
  • i18n
  • Updated cs_CZ, de_DE, fr_FR & tr_TK



  • Fix for serious sitemap issue which caused all pages of a split sitemap to be the same (show the first 1000 urls) - props Jrf.
  • Fixed a bug in the WPSEO tour in WP Network installs
  • clean_permalink 301 redirect issue when using https - props pirategaspard
  • i18n
  • Updated cs_CZ, fa_IR, fr_FR, hu, hu_HU, pl_PL, ru_RU & zh_CN



  • Reverted change to XML sitemaps stylesheet URL as that was giving issues on multisite installs.
  • Reverted change to XML sitemap loading as we were no longer exposing some variables that other plugins relied upon.
  • Fix bug with author sitemap showing for everyone.
  • Enhancement
  • No longer save empty meta post variables, issue #463. Clean up of DB is coming in future release, if you want to clean your DB now, see that issue for SQL queries.

  • Bug in page analysis regex.


  • Fix bug in custom field value retrieval for new drafts.
  • Fix bug in meta box value for checkboxes (only used currently in News extension).
  • Remove redirect added in 1.3.3 as it seems to cause loops on some servers, will investigate later.
  • Add option to filter wpseo_admin_pages so more pages can use WP SEO admin stylesheets.
  • Prevent notice for images without alt tags.
  • Use mb_string when possible.



  • Fix notice for ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE not being defined.
  • Fix missing function in install by adding a require.


  • Properly $wpdb->prepare all queries that need preparing.
  • Fix wrong escaping in admin pointers.
  • Make %%currentdate%% and %%currenttime%% variables respect WP date format settings.
  • Add %%currentday%% format.
  • Force remove Jetpack OpenGraph.
  • Fix the weird addition of noindex, nofollow on URLs with ?replytocom that was added in 3.5.
  • Force XML sitemap to be displayed on the proper domain URL, so XSLT works.


  • Updated wordpress-seo.pot
  • Updated Turkish (tr_TR) filename.
  • Updated Spanish (es_ES) translation.
  • Fixed bug where non-admin users couldn't save their profile updates.
  • Fixed bug with the same OpenGraph image appearing multiple times.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent import and export of plugin settings.
  • Try to do a redirect back after saving settings.
  • Properly allow for attachment pages in XML sitemaps, default them to off.
  • Fixed annoying bug where checkboxes wouldn't display as "checked" even when the value was set to true.
  • Show post type name and taxonomy name (as opposed to label) next to labels in XML sitemap settings to more easily identify post types and taxonomies.
  • Switch tracking to a daily cronjob instead of an admin process to prevent tracking from slowing down admin interface.
  • Focus keyword detection now properly works for diacritical focus keywords as well.
  • Properly apply filters to meta desc and titles in admin grid.
  • Properly detect new versions of Facebook plugin too.
  • Allow changing of the number of posts per XML sitemap, to prevent memory issues on certain installs.


  • Unhooking 'shutdown' (part of the NGG fix in 1.4.16) caused caching plugins to break, fixed while preserving NGG fix.
  • These changes were pushed in later but were deemed not important enough to force an update:
  • Updated newsletter subscription form to reflect new newsletter system.
  • Documentation
  • Updated readme.txt to reflect support changes.
  • Moved old sections of changelog to external file.
  • i18n
  • Updated pt_PT


  • Missed a line in the commit of the option to stop stop words cleaning.


  • Fix for compatibility with NextGen Gallery.


  • Add option to enable slug stop word cleaning, find it under SEO -> Permalinks. It's on by default.
  • Remove tracking variables from the Yoast Tracking that weren't used.
  • i18n
  • Updated de_DE, fa_IR, fi, hu_HU, it_IT, pl_PL, sv_SE and tr_TK



  • Fix the white XML sitemap errors caused by non-working XSL.
  • Fixed the errors in content analysis reporting an H2 was not found when it was really there.
  • Fix slug stopwords removal, props amm350.
  • Fix PHP Notice logged when site has capabilities created without 3rd value in args array, props mbijon.
  • Fix the fact that meta description template for archive pages didn't work, props MarcQueralt.
  • Prevent wrong shortcodes (that echo instead of return) from causing erroneous output.
  • Fix edge cases issue for keyword in first paragraph test not working.
  • Revert change in 1.4.14 that did a do_shortcode while in the head to retrieve images from posts, as too many plugins crash then, instead added wpseo_pre_analysis_post_content filter there as well.



  • Submit button displays again on Titles & Metas page.
  • SEO Title now calculates length correctly.
  • Force rewrite titles should no longer reset wrongly on update.


  • i18n
  • Updated de_DE, ru_RU, zh_CN.


  • Make rel="publisher" markup appear on every page.
  • Prevent empty property='article:publisher' markup from being output .
  • Fixed twitter:description tag should only appears if OpenGraph is inactive.
  • og:description will default to get_the_excerpt when meta description is blank (similar to how twitter:description works).
  • Fixes only 25 tags (and other taxonomy) are being indexed in taxonomy sitemaps.
  • Fix lastmod dates for taxonomies in XML sitemap index file.


  • Changed Social Admin section to have a tab-layout.
  • Moved Google+ section from Homepage tab of Titles & Metas to Social tab.
  • Make twitter:domain use WordPress site name instead of domain name.
  • Added more output filters in the Twitter class.


  • Fixes
  • Caching was disabled in certain cases, this update fixes that.


  • Added option to disable author sitemap.
  • If author pages are disabled, author sitemaps are now automatically disabled.


  • Properly fix security bug that should've been fixed in 1.4.5.
  • Move from using several $options arrays in the frontend to 1 class wide option.
  • Instead of firing all plugin options as function within head function, attach them to wpseo_head action, allowing easier filtering and changing.
  • Where possible, use larger images for Facebook Opengraph.
  • Add several filters and actions around social settings.


  • Fix a possible fatal error in tracking.


  • Bug fixes:
  • Fix security issue which allowed any user to reset settings.
  • Allow saving of SEO metadata for attachments.
  • Set the max-width of the snippet preview to 520px to look more like Google search results, while still allowing it to work on lower resolutions.


  • Remove the shortlink http header when the hide shortlink checkbox is checked.
  • Added a check on focus keyword in the page analysis functionality, checking whether a focus keyword has already been used before.
  • Update how the tracking class calculates users to improve speed.


  • Fix changelog for 1.4.3


  • Fix activation bug.
  • i18n
  • Updated es_ES, id_ID, he_IL.



  • Register core SEO menu at a lower than default prio so other plugins can tie in more easily.
  • Remove alt= from page analysis score divs.
  • Make site tracking use the site hash consistently between plugins.
  • Improve popup pointer removal.



  • Made the sitemaps class load in backend too so it always generates rewrites correctly.
  • Changed > to /> in class-twitter.php for validation as XHTML.
  • Small fix in metabox CSS for small screens (thx Ryan Hellyer).
  • Load classes on plugins_loaded instead of immediately on load to allow WPML to filter options.
  • i18n
  • Updated bs_BA, cs_CZ, da_DK, de_DE, fa_IR, fr_FR, he_IL, hu_HU, id_ID, it_IT, nl_NL, pl_PL, pt_BR, ru_RU and tr_TR


  • i18n:
  • Updated .pot file
  • Updated bg_BG, bs_BA, cs_CZ, fa_IR, hu_HU, pl_PL & ru_RU


  • Focus keyword check now works again in all cases.
  • Fix typo in Video SEO banner.


  • Don't show banners for plugins you already have.


  • i18n & documentation:
  • Updated Hebrew (he_IL)
  • Updated Italian (it_IT)
  • Updated Dutch (nl_NL)
  • Updated Swedish (sv_SE)
  • Updated some strings to fix typos.
  • Removed affiliate links from readme.txt.


  • Fixed a bug in saving post meta details for revisions.
  • Prevent an error when there are no posts for post type.
  • Fix the privacy warning to point to the right place.


  • Slight performance improvement infunctionality by not resetting query when its not needed (kudos to @Rarst).
  • Slight performance improvement in options call by adding some caching (kudos to @Rarst as well).
  • Changed inner workings of search engine ping, adding YOAST_SEO_PING_IMMEDIATELY constant to allow immediate ping on publish.
  • Changed design of meta box, moving much of the help text out in favor of clicking on a help icon.
  • Removed Linkdex branding from page analysis functionality.