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Yoast SEO changelog

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  • Reverted change to XML sitemaps stylesheet URL as that was giving issues on multisite installs.
  • Reverted change to XML sitemap loading as we were no longer exposing some variables that other plugins relied upon.
  • Fix bug with author sitemap showing for everyone.
  • Enhancement
  • No longer save empty meta post variables, issue #463. Clean up of DB is coming in future release, if you want to clean your DB now, see that issue for SQL queries.

  • Bug in page analysis regex.


  • Fix bug in custom field value retrieval for new drafts.
  • Fix bug in meta box value for checkboxes (only used currently in News extension).
  • Remove redirect added in 1.3.3 as it seems to cause loops on some servers, will investigate later.
  • Add option to filter wpseo_admin_pages so more pages can use WP SEO admin stylesheets.
  • Prevent notice for images without alt tags.
  • Use mb_string when possible.



  • Fix notice for ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE not being defined.
  • Fix missing function in install by adding a require.


  • Properly $wpdb->prepare all queries that need preparing.
  • Fix wrong escaping in admin pointers.
  • Make %%currentdate%% and %%currenttime%% variables respect WP date format settings.
  • Add %%currentday%% format.
  • Force remove Jetpack OpenGraph.
  • Fix the weird addition of noindex, nofollow on URLs with ?replytocom that was added in 3.5.
  • Force XML sitemap to be displayed on the proper domain URL, so XSLT works.


  • Updated wordpress-seo.pot
  • Updated Turkish (tr_TR) filename.
  • Updated Spanish (es_ES) translation.
  • Fixed bug where non-admin users couldn't save their profile updates.
  • Fixed bug with the same OpenGraph image appearing multiple times.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent import and export of plugin settings.
  • Try to do a redirect back after saving settings.
  • Properly allow for attachment pages in XML sitemaps, default them to off.
  • Fixed annoying bug where checkboxes wouldn't display as "checked" even when the value was set to true.
  • Show post type name and taxonomy name (as opposed to label) next to labels in XML sitemap settings to more easily identify post types and taxonomies.
  • Switch tracking to a daily cronjob instead of an admin process to prevent tracking from slowing down admin interface.
  • Focus keyword detection now properly works for diacritical focus keywords as well.
  • Properly apply filters to meta desc and titles in admin grid.
  • Properly detect new versions of Facebook plugin too.
  • Allow changing of the number of posts per XML sitemap, to prevent memory issues on certain installs.


  • Unhooking 'shutdown' (part of the NGG fix in 1.4.16) caused caching plugins to break, fixed while preserving NGG fix.
  • These changes were pushed in later but were deemed not important enough to force an update:
  • Updated newsletter subscription form to reflect new newsletter system.
  • Documentation
  • Updated readme.txt to reflect support changes.
  • Moved old sections of changelog to external file.
  • i18n
  • Updated pt_PT


  • Missed a line in the commit of the option to stop stop words cleaning.


  • Fix for compatibility with NextGen Gallery.


  • Add option to enable slug stop word cleaning, find it under SEO -> Permalinks. It's on by default.
  • Remove tracking variables from the Yoast Tracking that weren't used.
  • i18n
  • Updated de_DE, fa_IR, fi, hu_HU, it_IT, pl_PL, sv_SE and tr_TK



  • Fix the white XML sitemap errors caused by non-working XSL.
  • Fixed the errors in content analysis reporting an H2 was not found when it was really there.
  • Fix slug stopwords removal, props amm350.
  • Fix PHP Notice logged when site has capabilities created without 3rd value in args array, props mbijon.
  • Fix the fact that meta description template for archive pages didn't work, props MarcQueralt.
  • Prevent wrong shortcodes (that echo instead of return) from causing erroneous output.
  • Fix edge cases issue for keyword in first paragraph test not working.
  • Revert change in 1.4.14 that did a do_shortcode while in the head to retrieve images from posts, as too many plugins crash then, instead added wpseo_pre_analysis_post_content filter there as well.



  • Submit button displays again on Titles & Metas page.
  • SEO Title now calculates length correctly.
  • Force rewrite titles should no longer reset wrongly on update.


  • i18n
  • Updated de_DE, ru_RU, zh_CN.


  • Make rel="publisher" markup appear on every page.
  • Prevent empty property='article:publisher' markup from being output .
  • Fixed twitter:description tag should only appears if OpenGraph is inactive.
  • og:description will default to get_the_excerpt when meta description is blank (similar to how twitter:description works).
  • Fixes only 25 tags (and other taxonomy) are being indexed in taxonomy sitemaps.
  • Fix lastmod dates for taxonomies in XML sitemap index file.


  • Changed Social Admin section to have a tab-layout.
  • Moved Google+ section from Homepage tab of Titles & Metas to Social tab.
  • Make twitter:domain use WordPress site name instead of domain name.
  • Added more output filters in the Twitter class.


  • Fixes
  • Caching was disabled in certain cases, this update fixes that.


  • Added option to disable author sitemap.
  • If author pages are disabled, author sitemaps are now automatically disabled.


  • Properly fix security bug that should've been fixed in 1.4.5.
  • Move from using several $options arrays in the frontend to 1 class wide option.
  • Instead of firing all plugin options as function within head function, attach them to wpseo_head action, allowing easier filtering and changing.
  • Where possible, use larger images for Facebook Opengraph.
  • Add several filters and actions around social settings.


  • Fix a possible fatal error in tracking.


  • Bug fixes:
  • Fix security issue which allowed any user to reset settings.
  • Allow saving of SEO metadata for attachments.
  • Set the max-width of the snippet preview to 520px to look more like Google search results, while still allowing it to work on lower resolutions.


  • Remove the shortlink http header when the hide shortlink checkbox is checked.
  • Added a check on focus keyword in the page analysis functionality, checking whether a focus keyword has already been used before.
  • Update how the tracking class calculates users to improve speed.


  • Fix changelog for 1.4.3


  • Fix activation bug.
  • i18n
  • Updated es_ES, id_ID, he_IL.



  • Register core SEO menu at a lower than default prio so other plugins can tie in more easily.
  • Remove alt= from page analysis score divs.
  • Make site tracking use the site hash consistently between plugins.
  • Improve popup pointer removal.



  • Made the sitemaps class load in backend too so it always generates rewrites correctly.
  • Changed > to /> in class-twitter.php for validation as XHTML.
  • Small fix in metabox CSS for small screens (thx Ryan Hellyer).
  • Load classes on plugins_loaded instead of immediately on load to allow WPML to filter options.
  • i18n
  • Updated bs_BA, cs_CZ, da_DK, de_DE, fa_IR, fr_FR, he_IL, hu_HU, id_ID, it_IT, nl_NL, pl_PL, pt_BR, ru_RU and tr_TR


  • i18n:
  • Updated .pot file
  • Updated bg_BG, bs_BA, cs_CZ, fa_IR, hu_HU, pl_PL & ru_RU


  • Focus keyword check now works again in all cases.
  • Fix typo in Video SEO banner.


  • Don't show banners for plugins you already have.


  • i18n & documentation:
  • Updated Hebrew (he_IL)
  • Updated Italian (it_IT)
  • Updated Dutch (nl_NL)
  • Updated Swedish (sv_SE)
  • Updated some strings to fix typos.
  • Removed affiliate links from readme.txt.


  • Fixed a bug in saving post meta details for revisions.
  • Prevent an error when there are no posts for post type.
  • Fix the privacy warning to point to the right place.


  • Slight performance improvement infunctionality by not resetting query when its not needed (kudos to @Rarst).
  • Slight performance improvement in options call by adding some caching (kudos to @Rarst as well).
  • Changed inner workings of search engine ping, adding YOAST_SEO_PING_IMMEDIATELY constant to allow immediate ping on publish.
  • Changed design of meta box, moving much of the help text out in favor of clicking on a help icon.
  • Removed Linkdex branding from page analysis functionality.

  • Bug with revisions in XML sitemap for some weird combinations.
  • Improved logic for rel=publisher on frontpage.
  • Allow variables in meta description for post type archive.
  • Improved counting of images for page analysis.
  • updated Turkish (tr_TR)
  • updated Russian (ru_RU)
  • updated Indonesian (id_ID)
  • updated French (fr_FR)
  • updated Czech (cs_CZ)
  • added Japanese (ja)

  • Regex annoyances anyone? Sigh. Bug fixed.

  • Added missing filter for meta box priority.
  • Fixed bug in JS encoding.

  • Some of that escaping was too aggressive.


  • Fix somewhat too aggressive escaping of content.
  • Added notice text for non-existing .htaccess file / robots.txt file.


  • Long list of small fixes and improvements to code best practices after Sucuri review. Fixes 3 small security issues.
  • Updated .pot file
  • Updated Danish (da_DK), Indonesian (id_ID), Chinese (zh_CN), Russian (ru_RU), Norwegian (nb_NO), Turkish (tr_TK), Hebrew (he_IL) and Persian (fa_IR).
  • Added Arabic (ar), Catalan (ca) and Romanian (ro_RO).

  • Fixed %%category%% and %%tag%% and some other variables that weren't working since

  • Revert gplus changes in that were causing issues.
  • Fix a tracking timeout.
  • Fix a bunch of notices throughout variables functions.

  • Fixed a bug for MultiSite due to a missing attribute in calling get_admin_url.
  • Updated Hebrew (he_IL), Dutch (nl_NL) French (fr_FR), Czech (cs_CZ), Italian (it_IT), Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR).
  • Added Norwegian (nb_NO) and Portuguese (pt_PT).
  • Added a wpseo_robots filter for the robots meta tag.
  • Fixed integration with the Facebook plugin.

  • Fix for double title issues with themes that filter wp_title, by having WP SEO filter a bit later in the process (but no too late because the genesis