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Yoast SEO 1.5.6


  • Fixed a dot without explanation on the page analysis tab.
  • Fix save all feature bug in Bulk Editor as reported (and fixed) by vdwijngaert here.
  • Fix bug where meta description based on a template wouldn't show up on author archive pages.
  • Fix bug where shortlink HTTP header wouldn't be removed when checking the remove shortlink function as reported here.
  • Fix a bug where force title setting would be reset on upgrade / update.
  • Fix warning being thrown in breadcrumbs code.


  • Removing sitemap transients when updating the plugin, to make sure XML sitemaps always use latest code.
  • Styling of metaboxes is more in line with WordPress core.
  • Add new %%user_description%% replacement tag.
  • Add option to remove users with zero posts from the XML sitemap.
  • Move SEO data on term edit pages to lower on the page, to not interfere with themes.
  • Code: use WP time constants as introduced in WP 3.5.
  • Other:
  • Removing html-sitemap shortcode, it'll reappear in WordPress SEO Premium when it actually works.