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Yoast SEO 1.5.3


  • Don't ping search engines if the blog is set to 'discourage search engines from indexing this site' - props Jrf.
  • Fix error in sitemap_index.xml if post type does not contain any posts as reported by sebastiaandegeus.
  • Use the correct HTTP protocol for responses - props Fab1en.
  • Better OG locale handling - props maiis.
  • Fixed: 'breadcrumb_last' class was missing on homepage, as reported by uprise10 in issue #1045 - props Jrf.
  • Fix empty post id notice, issue #1080 as reported by sosada.
  • Localize dates where appropriate as suggested by allankronmark in issue #1073.
  • Fix for escaping str literals in JS regexes - props MarventusWP.
  • Enhancement
  • Redirect paginated archive pages with a pagination number that doesn't exist to the first page of that archive.
  • Update score circle icon to look great on HiDPI displays, as well as fitting better with WordPress 3.8+ design - props paulwilde.
  • Only show article publication time for posts, not for pages or other post types, introduce a new filter to do allow them when needed.
  • Load of improvements to banners and licenses page.
  • Update snippet preview to use latest Google design changes - props paulwilde.