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Yoast SEO 3.0.4

  • Enhancement: Made the "Analyze entire site" button have better color contrast and resemble JetPack. Thanks WPExplorer for the contribution.


  • Fixes JS errors in combination with Give plugin, CMB2 Framework, ACF layout builder and any other plugin that replaces the editor with something else. Thanks a lot Daniel Seripap for fixing.
  • Fixes JavaScript error on post types without 'editor' capability. Thanks Aaron Hipple for the fix and Zvonko Biškup for testing.
  • Fixes a lot of text analysis issues for languages with non-latin scripts, including the "0% keyword density" issues.
  • Fixes an issue where html tags were not stripped properly from taxonomy descriptions for custom taxonomies.
  • Fixes possible "URI too long" errors when parsing shortcodes in the content before it is analyzed.