Schema piece: SearchAction

Describes a SearchAction on a website.


Should be added as a potentialAction property on the WebSite node, when the site has/supports an internal search function.

Required properties

A valid SearchAction must have the following properties.

  • target: An object of type EntryPoint, with a urlTemplate which describes the URL pattern of the internal search function (e.g.,{search_term_string}).
  • query-input: An object of type PropertyValueSpecification, with the following properties:
    • valueRequired: Boolean true
    • valueName: The search term string as described in the target (e.g., search_term_string).

Failure scenarios

If any of the required fields are missing or invalid, the node should not be output.


Minimum criteria

    "@context": "",
    "@graph": [
            "@type": "SearchAction",
            "target": "{search_term_string}",
            "query-input": {
                "@type": "PropertyValueSpecification",
                "valueRequired": true,
                "valueName": "search_term_string"