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Schema piece - Comment

Describes a review. Usually in the context of an Article or a WebPage.


Should be added as top-level nodes in the graph, as/when required by other nodes. E.g., when an Article has comments.

Required properties

A valid Comment must have the following properties.

  • @type: Comment.
  • @id: The site's home URL appended by #/schema/Comment/{{ID}}, where {{ID}} is a unique identifier for the comment in question.
  • about: A reference by ID to the parent Article (or WebPage, when no Article is present).
  • text: The textual content of the comment, stripping HTML tags.
  • author: A reference by ID to the Person who wrote the comment.

Failure scenarios

If any of the required fields are missing or invalid, the node should not be output.

Optional properties

The following should be added whenever available and valid:

  • url: The unmodified canonical URL of the parent WebPage, appended by #comment-{{NUM}}, where {{NUM}} is the database ID of the comment.


Minimum criteria

"@context": "",
"@graph": [
"@type": "Comment",
"@id": "",
"about": {
"@id": ""
"text": "Example comment content",
"author": {
"@id": ""