Schema output for News SEO for WordPress

The schema output for News SEO for WordPress builds upon Yoast SEO for WordPress' base schema output, to provide additional news context and detail.

Core logic

When a post type has been elected as a News Article format, then:

  • Change the @type attribute of the Article to NewsArticle.
  • Add a copyrightYear property, with the year of publication.
  • Add a copyrightHolder property, which references the publishing Organization by ID.

Additional scenarios

NewsArticle subtypes

When a user nominates a post type or individual post as a specific subtype of NewsArticle (e.g., OpinionNewsArticle), set the @type attribute to this value.

On 'news pages' which don't have an Article

In some rare cases, a non-post format (e.g., a page, a custom post type, a homepage, a product page, etc) may be elected as a news type. Typically, these page formats won't contain an Article.

In these cases, an Article (and dependent pieces) should be added to the graph and multi-typed into a Article and NewsArticle, as if the page were a conventional news post.

In some scenarios, this may result in multiple entities declaring a mainEntityOfPage relationship with the WebPage (e.g., when the page already contains a Product). When this happens, the mainEntityOfPage property on the conflicting node(s) (e.g., the Product) should be altered to reference the ID of the NewsArticle.

More information