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Yoast News SEO for WordPress: Schema output

The schema output for News SEO for WordPress builds upon Yoast SEO for WordPress' base schema output, to provide additional news context and detail.

Core logic

When a post type has been elected as a News Article format, then:

  • Change the @type attribute of the Article to NewsArticle.
  • Add a copyrightYear property, with the year of publication.
  • Add a copyrightHolder property, which references the publishing Organization by ID.

Additional scenarios

NewsArticle subtypes

When a user nominates a post type or individual post as a specific subtype of NewsArticle (e.g., OpinionNewsArticle), set the @type attribute to this value.

On 'news pages' which don't have an Article

In some rare cases, a non-post format (e.g., a page, a custom post type, a homepage, a product page, etc) may be elected as a news type. Typically, these page formats won't contain an Article.

In these cases, an Article (and dependent pieces) should be added to the graph and multi-typed into a Article and NewsArticle, as if the page were a conventional news post.

In some scenarios, this may result in multiple entities declaring a mainEntityOfPage relationship with the WebPage (e.g., when the page already contains a Product). When this happens, the mainEntityOfPage property on the conflicting node(s) (e.g., the Product) should be altered to reference the ID of the NewsArticle.

More information