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Yoast Video SEO for WordPress: Schema output

The schema output for our Video SEO plugin builds upon the Yoast SEO schema output, to add additional detail about embedded videos.

For all the post types you've enabled Video SEO for, it will automatically add a videoObject piece when it encounters a video embed on the page that it recognizes.

Core logic

  • Add a videoObject piece for each discovered video.
  • Add a video property to the Article, containing an array of references-by-ID to each videoObject piece.
  • Add an itemList containing references to each of the videoObject pieces, with a mainEntityOfPage property which references the Article.

Additional scenarios

On pages which don't have an Article

  • Add the video property to the WebPage, instead of to the Article.
  • Adapt the mainEntityOfPage property of the itemList to reference the WebPage.

More information