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Yoast SEO: Analyzing shortcodes

As of Yoast SEO 21.4, we have removed our default analysis of shortcodes. As of Yoast SEO 21.7, we have introduced a filter to enable the content analysis for the shortcodes provided through this filter. When enabling this filter, we will be able to parse and expand the provided shortcodes, and use our analysis to detect any favorable or infavorable content. However, note that we are unable to highlight analysis results, and therefore, we disable these buttons when this filter is activated.


You can use our shortcode filter yoast.analysis.shortcodes through a JavaScript implementation. Please note that this means you have to register a JavaScript file via the wp_enqueue_script method in your own plugin or theme (e.g., in functions.php), as follows:

// functions.php or MyCustomPlugin.php
get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/MyShortcodesFilter.js',
[ WPSEO_Admin_Asset_Manager::PREFIX . 'analysis' ],

Let's say that you would like to use our content analysis to detect images added through the gallery and su_custom_gallery (from the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin) shortcodes:

// js/MyShortcodesFilter.js
const getShortcodes = (shortcodes) => {
shortcodes.push( "gallery", "su_custom_gallery" );
return shortcodes;

wp.hooks.addFilter( "yoast.analysis.shortcodes", "getShortcodes", getShortcodes );