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Local SEO: Change the Organization URL in the Schema

As of version 13.9, you or your developer can change the default URL in the Organization piece of the Schema with the yoast-local-seo-schema-organization-url filter. This filter takes a single parameter: $url (required). This filter is particularly useful in cases where you have a URL for your organization which does not match the URL of the home page of your website.

In either your custom plugin or your theme's functions.php, add the following line and change the default value to your desired URL.

* Changes URL in the main Organization piece in the Schema.
* @param string $url The URL we're replacing.
* @return string The URL for the Organization piece in the Schema.
function my_custom_organization_url( $url ) {
return 'https://mycustomurl.tld';

add_filter( 'yoast-local-seo-schema-organization-url', 'my_custom_organization_url', 10, 1 );