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Local SEO: Enhance search results

One of the hidden features of the Local SEO plugin is enhancing your website's internal search results with your location content. In rare cases, the enhanced search results can conflict with other plugin or theme features. Therefore, Local SEO version 7.1 introduced developer filters to disable these enhancements.

These filters would go in your theme's function.php file. If you are not sure where that is please speak to your theme developer.

We recommend that a backup of your site be taken before adding the filters or editing theme files.

The filters accept a true or false boolean.

  • yoast_local_seo_enhanced_search_enabled
  • yoast_local_seo_enhanced_search_result_enabled

To disable searching in location meta fields use:

add_filter( 'yoast_local_seo_enhanced_search_enabled', '__return_false' );

To also disable markup for found locations use:

add_filter( 'yoast_local_seo_enhanced_search_result_enabled', '__return_false' );