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Yoast SEO 8.0


  • Implements the Yoast sidebar for Gutenberg: added the Readability, Focus Keyword and Cornerstone content tabs to the sidebar.
  • Revamps the Yoast metabox to use the same vertical design as the new sidebar.
  • Implements the same tabbed layout in the plugin's network settings screen that is also used in the plugin's site settings screens.
  • Implements a plugin-specific network settings API and use it in the network settings screen.
  • Introduces a network admin-specific admin bar menu.
  • Adds notifications to the Notification Center in regards to Gutenberg compatibility. If Gutenberg is older than the minimum supported version by Yoast SEO, a 'problem' notification is added. If Gutenberg is only slightly outdated, a 'normal' notification is added.
  • Implements the automatic detection of the keyword for terms based on the term's title.


  • Fixes a bug where /sitemap.xml would not correctly redirect to /sitemap_index.xml in some environments.
  • Fixes a bug where sitemap cache transients would not be correctly cleared.
  • Fixes a bug where markers were wrongfully displayed in Gutenberg.
  • Fixes a bug where SEO titles were incorrectly evaluated as being of a good length when they were actually slightly too long.


  • Moves the network's Restore Site functionality into its own tab.