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Yoast SEO 7.9.1


  • Improves the link to claim your website on Pinterest by directly sending you to the right location.
  • Adds the passive voice assessment for Dutch.
  • Adds a link to a relevant article about re-using keywords to the feedback of the assessment that checks if the keyword was used previously.


  • Adds a missing H1 heading to the Network Admin > SEO > Edit Files page.
  • Fixes the textarea sizes in the Search Appearance > RSS tab.
  • Fixes a bug where adding a company image in step 4 of the Configuration Wizard, would make the wizard crash.
  • Fixes a bug where PHP error notices were given when the search result doesn't have any WooCommerce products. Props to jaska120.
  • Improves the order in which assessments are triggered. The keyword in the title is only checked once there's a title, the keyword in the introduction is only checked once there's a text, and the keyword in the meta description is only checked once there's a meta description.
  • Fixes a bug that caused keywords to be incorrectly recognized within possessive forms (e.g. Natalia in Natalia's fix).
  • Improves the recognition of keywords with special diacritics in the URL.
  • Improves keyword recognition through adding Spanish inverted exclamation and question marks to the rules that determine word boundaries.


  • Corrects the WP_Filesystem() initialization call to support settings import for non-default FS_METHOD definitions. Props to ptbello.