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Yoast SEO 22.4

Yoast SEO 22.4 brings optimizations and bug fixes. Our customers who use Elementor can wave goodbye to that unnecessary redirect when saving a post for the first time. Find more about Yoast SEO 22.4 in our release post!


  • Removes a duplicated database query on author pages with internal images.
  • Removes two unnecessary database queries on pages where external images are of SEO interest, like author pages with Gravatar author images.


  • Fixes a bug where an unneeded redirect would be created when a post was first published in Elementor.


  • Deprecates the slug of the _dependencies property of the private $plugins property in the WPSEO_Plugin_Availability class.
  • Fixes the width of the Page type dropdown field in the Settings page.
  • Replaces .substr() with .substring() in JS files since it's deprecated.
  • Stops showing deprecation warnings when retrieving data for paid add-ons goes wrong.
  • Stops showing notifications about incompatibility with the WooCommerce's new beta product editor, after WooCommerce is deactivated.
  • Stops showing a notification prompting to install Yoast Woo SEO, after WooCommerce is deactivated.