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Yoast SEO 7.1


  • Adds a filter to mark Spanish sentences as non-passive when certain exception words occur between the auxiliary and the participle. The list of exception words includes all forms of the copula 'estar'.
  • Adds transition words assessment for Portuguese, props amesdigital.
  • Increases the height of the meta description box so it matches the maximum amount of characters without needing a scrollbar.
  • Detects when you need to import old SEO plugin data and allows you to import it on the import plugins page. After importing you can check whether the import was completed successfully and then delete the data.
  • Changes the formatting of text in the dashboard widget to improve the reading experience.
  • Adds an extra argument to wpseo_replacements filter. This makes it possible to access post, taxonomy or term instances when applying the filter.
  • Adds support for a new template variable %%archive_title%%.
  • Remove all Facebook Insights functionality as it's no longer supported.


  • Fixes a bug that broke a filter which marks Spanish and French sentences as non-passive when certain exception words occur between the auxiliary and the participle.
  • Fixes a bug where the page and paged values could cause errors if they weren't properly handled as integers.
  • Fixes a bug where division by zero errors in the passive voice assessment would cause NaN% to show up in the feedback.
  • Fixes a bug where multiple rel arguments prevented correct nofollow detection.
  • Fixes a bug where enabling the Show blog page in the breadcrumb settings had the inverse effect. Internally renamed breadcrumbs-blog-remove to breadcrumbs-display-blog-page to fix logic issues.
  • Fixes a bug where the rewrite rules weren't removed after stripping the category base. This resulted in an unaccessible page.
  • Fixes a bug where adding a wpseo_sitemap_entries_per_page was not being used when rendering the sitemaps.
  • Fixes a bug where the Yoast logo in the Configuration Wizard was showing the old version.
  • Removes the backfill hooks when calling WPSEO_Optionsget() to improve performance.