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Yoast SEO 6.3


  • Reverts the shortlink in the HTML comment back to the hard link it was before.
  • Fixes a bug where the Local SEO for WooCommerce extension was not shown on the licenses page.
  • Fixes a bug where the current_user_can() function was not called with the post ID as argument.
  • Fixes a bug where the auto-generated meta descriptions were not using the new 320 characters limitation.
  • Fixes a bug where specific external links were not filtered from the post_type sitemap.
  • Fixes a bug where trashed posts were displayed in the bulk editor overview.
  • Fixes a bug where old meta values were not deleted during import.
  • Fixes a bug where only 10 posts when executing meta robots import from
  • Clears the sitemap cache when the Site URL is changed.


  • Adds an importer for the SEO Ultimate plugin SEO data.
  • Adds an importer for the SEOpressor plugin SEO data.
  • Adds links to explanatory articles on the features tab.
  • Adds additional explanation for entries on the features tab.
  • Improves Open Graph copy for Facebook and Twitter in the Social settings to better explain what it does.
  • Improves Content Analysis and Publish box copy for better translations.
  • Applies design changes to the Help Center support tab for Premium.


  • Removes "meta keywords" from the plugin as this has had no search result value for at least 7 years.
  • Removes the "noindex subpages" feature as Google has gotten much better at paginated series, and it's now actually detrimental to use.
  • Removes the "Other" tab from the Titles & Metas settings screen, as all options have been moved or removed.
  • Security hardening.