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Yoast SEO 20.9

In Yoast SEO 20.9, you'll find improvements to our Wincher integration. We've added a dashboard widget to track your keyphrase rankings. We've also done the usual fixes and made enhancements. Find out more about what's new in Yoast SEO 20.9 in our release post!


  • Adds a new widget on the dashboard that shows your top keywords added to Yoast SEO with Wincher. Provides a connection button if you haven't yet connected your site to Wincher.
  • Tightens crawl optimization site search blocking rules.
  • We now automatically schedule background performance optimization processes (via WP Cron).


  • Fixes a bug where a fatal error would occur after updating the plugin due to a failed query.
  • Fixes a bug where indexables would be created when using the wp yoast index WP CLI command on a staging site.
  • Fixes a bug where the link popover position in the block editor would be positioned incorrectly when adding or creating links.
  • Fixes a bug where the Yoast SEO metabox would crash in conjunction with Yoast SEO Premium when additional keyphrases are stored in the DB in a malformed way.