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Yoast Video SEO 1.5.3


  • Improved defaults: now enables all public post-types by default on install.
  • Option to change the basename of the video sitemap, from video-sitemap.xml to whatever-sitemap.xml by setting the YOAST_VIDEO_SITEMAP_BASENAME constant.
  • If post meta values are encoded, the plugin now decodes them.


  • No longer override opengraph image when one has already been set.
  • Add extra newlines before video schema to allow oEmbed to work.
  • No longer depends on response from Vzaar servers to create sitemap, properly uses the referer to authenticate requests and adds option in settings to add your Vzaar CNAME.
  • When there's a post-type with the slug video, the plugin now automatically changes the basename to yoast-video.
  • No longer print empty <p> for empty description in meta box.
  • Improve logic whereby "this image" link is shown correctly and only when the video thumb is not overridden.