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Yoast Video SEO 1.3.3


  • Properly catch thumbnail images when the path is relative instead of absolute.
  • Strip shortcodes for plugins that don't register them properly as well.
  • Prevent empty titles.
  • Wrap XML sitemap and MediaRSS textual content in CDATA tags, this solves about 900.000 issues with encoding.
  • Fixed Veoh support.


  • When a post is in more than one category, the excess categories are now used as tags.
  • Don't print sitemap lines for video's that have no thumbnail and either a content location or a player location.
  • If the description and excerpt are empty, use the title for the description, as an empty description is invalid.
  • Changed the name of the family friendly variable, so it can't go "wrong" with old data.
  • Added support for the video:uploader tag. This automatically links to the post authors posts page.
  • Make terms use their own name as category in XML sitemap.
  • Added support for jwplayer shortcode embeds with file and image attributes instead of mediaid.
  • Added support for the WordPress Video Plugin.
  • Added support for the MediaElements.js plugin.
  • Added support for the WP YouTube Player plugin.
  • Added support for the Advanced YouTube Embed Plugin by Embed Plus plugin.
  • Added support for the VideoJS - HTML5 Video Player for WordPress plugin.
  • Added support for the YouTube Shortcode plugin.