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Yoast Local SEO 3.5


  • Sitemap transient is now cleared upon (de-)activation of the plugin.
  • Default opening hours are now set (if not set already) upon activation or updating the plugin from version 3.4 or below.
  • You can now add a note in the address shortcode.
  • Fixed a few undefined index warnings.
  • Add ability to set Google Maps API keys by using the following constants: WPSEO_LOCAL_API_KEY_SERVER and WPSEO_LOCAL_API_KEY_BROWSER.
  • If you are allowed to edit locations, you can now select draft posts in the Local SEO widgets, shortcodes and location data copier.
  • Updated verbiage. The storelocator now reads "Enter your postal code, city and / or state".


  • Removed wrongfully placed comma's in some address formats.
  • Centering of map option is disabled by default when inserting Google Maps via shortcode on a location page, since a single location is centered by default.
  • Hide the storelocator settings if not using multiple locations.
  • Show alt text for logo's. Alt texts can be managed in the media library.
  • City and state are now correctly shown in locations.kml.
  • Removed the deprecated business type Attorney and replaced it with the new Legal Service. When updating from 3.4 or below the business types Attorney will all automaticly be replaced by Legal Service.