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Yoast Local SEO 13.9


  • Introduces shared properties for businesses with multiple locations. With shared properties, you can fill out business information and opening hours that apply to multiple locations.
  • Introduces an option to select a primary location. This will be reflected in the Schema output.
  • Renames the 'Checkout text' field title to 'Thank you text' because the text will be shown on the Thank you page.
  • Improves the image upload functionality in the metabox on the Locations Post type.
  • Adds an alert to the Opening hours tab in the metabox when the opening hours are hidden because of the corresponding global setting.
  • Adds an admin notice when the company name or logo isn't set.
  • Adds an alert to the business settings or metabox when the zipcode or country is not set.


  • Fixes a bug where the forms inside the Map, Address, Opening hours and Store locator shortcode modals were not shown in their entirety without scrolling, even though there was enough space in the modal.
  • Fixes a bug where list styling was applied to Local pickup options in the cart.
  • Fixes a bug where the radio button for Local pickup in the checkout would be styled incorrectly.
  • Fixes a bug where the widget form would allow the default search radius for the Storelocator Form Widget to be set to 0, which would then automatically reset to the default radius of 10.


  • Improves security by improving input validation and output escaping in the Show Address widget.