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Yoast Local SEO 1.3.6


  • Removed condition shorthand due to POT file problems
  • Fixed issue where allowing to scroll and zoom the map did not work as intended
  • Removed some PHP notices
  • Fixed issue where a custom 'Show route' label was not correctly shown
  • Route calculation is now based on lat/long
  • Slide toggle for opening hours in admin reversed
  • Missing space between input field and button
  • Removed dash after one-line address if no other options are selected
  • Extra span for telephone number, so Google picks it up


  • Added option to show email address in Google Maps info window
  • Email address is no longer copied when copying data from other location
  • Added a warning when a custom marker of larger than 100 x 100 pixels is used
  • Added option to change the URL when using a single location.
  • Added a 'wpseo_local_contact_details' filter to change the labels and order of contact details
  • Locations can now be shown per category
  • If geocoding limit is reached, a notice will be shown.
  • Added placeholder for "Show route" field