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Yoast SEO OpenGraph Tags: Change the og:locale output

When you enable OpenGraph settings in Yoast SEO, it'll output an og:locale meta tag. This og:locale is based on the language settings for your WordPress install.

So, if you want it to output nl_NL instead of the default en_US, you simply switch your WordPress installs' language to nl_NL. You can read more about that on the Make WordPress polyglots page.

Change the og:locale tag

If you don't want to change the language of your WordPress install but do want to change the locale output of Yoast SEO, you can do so by filtering the output. You should add code that looks like this to your theme's functions.php:

* Changes the locale output.
* @param string $locale The current locale.
* @return string The locale.
function yst_wpseo_change_og_locale( $locale ) {
return 'nl_NL';

add_filter( 'wpseo_locale', 'yst_wpseo_change_og_locale' );

Remove the og:locale tag

If you would like to remove the og:locale you will need to unhook WPSEO_OpenGraph->locale() from wpseo_opengraph by adding the code below to your theme's functions.php file.

This code snippet works in most cases, however, it does not work if you are using PHP 5.2 on your server. For the health and safety of your site, we recommend creating a backup of your site and database prior to any code changes, as we are unable to guarantee exactly what would happen on your specific site.

function remove_locale_presenter( $presenters ) {
return array_map( function( $presenter ) {
if ( ! $presenter instanceof Yoast\WP\SEO\Presenters\Open_Graph\Locale_Presenter ) {
return $presenter;
}, $presenters );

add_action( 'wpseo_frontend_presenters', 'remove_locale_presenter' );

Valid og:locale choices

OpenGraph has a limited list of supported og:locale designations. If your locale is not in this list, our plugin will output the best match for your language.

As of July 2018, the following are valid og:locale choices:

en_us, ca_es, cs_cz, cx_ph, cy_gb, da_dk, de_de, eu_es, en_pi, en_ud, ck_us, es_la, es_es, es_mx, gn_py, fi_fi, fr_fr, gl_es, ht_ht, hu_hu, it_it, ja_jp, ko_kr, nb_no, nn_no, nl_nl, fy_nl, pl_pl, pt_br, pt_pt, ro_ro, ru_ru, sk_sk, sl_si, sv_se, th_th, tr_tr, ku_tr, zh_cn, zh_hk, zh_tw, fb_lt, af_za, sq_al, hy_am, az_az, be_by, bn_in, bs_ba, bg_bg, hr_hr, nl_be, en_gb, eo_eo, et_ee, fo_fo, fr_ca, ka_ge, el_gr, gu_in, hi_in, is_is, id_id, ga_ie, jv_id, kn_in, kk_kz, ky_kg, la_va, lv_lv, li_nl, lt_lt, mi_nz, mk_mk, mg_mg, ms_my, mt_mt, mr_in, mn_mn, ne_np, pa_in, rm_ch, sa_in, sr_rs, so_so, sw_ke, tl_ph, ta_in, tt_ru, te_in, ml_in, uk_ua, uz_uz, vi_vn, xh_za, zu_za, km_kh, tg_tj, ar_ar, he_il, ur_pk, fa_ir, sy_sy, yi_de, qc_gt, qu_pe, ay_bo, se_no, ps_af, tl_st, gx_gr, my_mm, qz_mm, or_in, si_lk, rw_rw, ak_gh, nd_zw, sn_zw, cb_iq, ha_ng, yo_ng, ja_ks, lg_ug, br_fr, zz_tr, tz_ma, co_fr, ig_ng, as_in, am_et, lo_la, ny_mw, wo_sn, ff_ng, sc_it, ln_cd, tk_tm, sz_pl, bp_in, ns_za, tn_bw, st_za, ts_za, ss_sz, ks_in, ve_za, nr_za, ik_us, su_id, om_et, em_zm, qr_gr and iu_ca