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Yoast SEO 21.7

Yoast SEO 21.7 is out now. In this release, we bring an improved first-time configuration, making it easier for people to get started. Also, we fixed several bugs and added some enhancements. Find out more about what's new in Yoast SEO 21.7 in our release post!


  • Removes a superfluous warning in the first time configuration when the site environment is non-production.


  • Fixes a bug where an additional Organization, Person schema piece would be wrongly generated for author pages when a website representing an organization was set to represent a person different from the author.
  • Fixes a bug where the initial state for the website name would be empty when saving the site representation step in the first time configuration.
  • Fixes a bug where modifications to the analysis data would not be included in the Insights analysis.
  • Fixes a bug where the "view" button for tracking SEO performance would have the wrong size when editing a post in Elementor and Classic editor.


  • Adds checks to ensure that the plugin has no known incompatibilities with PHP 8.3.
  • Improves the discoverability of the security policy.
  • Improves the instructions in the first-time configuration so that they're easier to follow.
  • Improves the new installation screen layout and design.
  • Provides a filter to add a list of shortcodes so they can be parsed and then included in our content analysis in Classic editor.