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Yoast SEO 21.5

Yoast SEO 21.5 is out today! In this release, you'll find improvements to our inclusive language feature, updates to handling RSS feeds and much more. Find out more about what's new in Yoast SEO 21.5 in our release post!


  • Adds support for the new wp_attachment_pages_enabled option introduced by WordPress 6.4, reducing the chances of inconsistencies with Yoast SEO's own "Enable media pages" setting.
  • Improves the inclusive language analysis by making the feedback more clear and consistent, refining the list of targeted phrases, and adding more alternatives for some of the non-inclusive phrases. Specifically, this includes the following changes:
    • Aligns the traffic light color and written feedback for all phrases.
    • Makes some feedback strings more accurate by replacing the word ‘overgeneralizing’ with ‘harmful’.
    • Adds ‘Rom’ and ‘Roma’ as additional alternatives to ‘gypsy’.
    • Adds additional alternatives to ‘homosexuals’.
    • Improves the feedback shown for the phrases ‘abnormal behaviour’, ‘behaviourally normal’, and ‘behaviourally abnormal’.
    • Improves the feedback shown for the word ‘minorities’.
    • Removes ‘narcissistic’ as a targeted phrase when followed by ‘personality disorder’.
    • Removes ‘Ebonics’ and ‘normal behaviour’ from the list of targeted phrases.
  • Removes the automatic rel=nofollow attribute for links in the RSS feed.


  • Fixes a bug where console warnings about incorrect prop types would be shown on the integrations page.


  • Prevents the Pattern Category taxonomy (introduced in WordPress 6.4) to be indexed and hides it in the settings page.
  • Improves the FAQ block description by removing any reference to the previous restriction of one block per post.
  • Improves the inline documentation for the WPSEO_Option class. Props to costdev.
  • Leverages Script Strategy feature to add the async attribute to the wordproof script in case WordPress version is 6.3 or higher. Props to adamsilverstein.
  • Sets the WordPress tested up to version to 6.4.