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Yoast SEO 18.1

Yoast SEO 18.1 is out today! This new release brings another round of bug fixes, plus a new way for us to handle the translations in our plugin — leading to a smaller plugin size for you to install. Read more about what's new in Yoast SEO 18.1 in our release post in English or our release post in Spanish!


  • Changes the overall SEO score color on the post type overview pages to red when no keyphrase is set.


  • Fixes a bug where images inserted into our FAQ or HowTo blocks would be rendered wider then their respective container when using a Block Theme.
  • Fixes a bug where plugins that would initialize after our plugin would be unable to register certain plugin information or utilize certain hooks.
  • Fixes a bug where capitalized keyphrases would show up twice in the Wincher SEO performance tracking modal.


  • Switches from packaged script translations to those from in order to reduce ZIP size and disk usage.