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Yoast SEO 15.8

Say hi to Yoast SEO 15.8! This release comes with a brand-new breadcrumbs block for the block editor. Try it out and guide your users - and Google! Read more about what’s new in Yoast SEO 15.8 in our release post!


  • Adds a breadcrumbs block, allowing users to add breadcrumbs to a page or post using the block editor, or to a widget area using the Gutenberg plugin.
  • Changes the default setting to enable breadcrumbs for the theme to true. This means themes that declare theme support for this feature automatically output Yoast breadcrumbs on every page. Existing installs will not be impacted by this change.
  • Breadcrumbs settings can now always be edited, regardless of if the breadcrumbs are enabled for the theme.
  • Like the block, the breadcrumbs shortcode is now always rendered, regardless of if the breadcrumbs are enabled for the theme.
  • Improves the loading time of the posts overview page in the WordPress backend. Props to Rahe.
  • Makes sure the breadcrumbs schema is always present, except on 404 pages.


  • Fixes a bug where the target indexable for relative links was not properly detected.
  • Fixes a bug where scheme-relative links were not parsed correctly.
  • Fixes a bug where paginated WooCommerce shop pages did not have the right canonical.
  • Fixes a bug where custom capabilities could malfunction due to a race condition. Props to Jerome Charaoui.