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Yoast SEO


  • Changed 'wpseo_frontend_head_init' hook to 'template_redirect' to prevent incorrect canonical redirect.
  • Improved upgrade routine for breadcrumbs maintax/pt option as reported by benfreke in issue #849 - props Jrf.
  • Fixed a bug where the banners overlapped WordPress notices/errors.
  • Fixed: Slashes in Taxonomy text inputs as reported by chuckreynolds in issue #868 - props Jrf.
  • Increased priority (decreased priority int) on the template_redirect for the sitemap redirect hook.
  • Fixed: current_user_can was being called too early as reported by satrya in issue #881 - props Jrf.
  • Enhancement
  • Enhanced validation of webmaster verification keys to prevent invalidating incorrect input which does contain a key as reported by TheZoker in issue #864 - props Jrf.