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Yoast SEO


  • Fix white screen/blog down issues caused by some (bloody stupid) webhosts actively disabling the filter extension - props Jrf.
  • Fix for some PHP notices, issue #747 as reported by benfreke - props Jrf.
  • Fixed: GooglePlus vanity urls were saved without the + as reported by ronimarin in issue #730 - props Jrf.
  • Fix WP Admin menu items no longer clickable when on WPSEO pages as reported in issue #733 and #738 - props Jrf.
  • Fix strict warning for W3TC, issue 721.
  • Fix RSS text strings on options page being double escaped, issue #731 as reported by namaserajesh - props Jrf.
  • Avoid potential confusion over Facebook OpenGraph front page usage, issue #570 - props Jrf.
  • Potentially fix issue 565 bbpress warning message. Thanks inetbiz for reporting and tobylewis for finding the likely cause.
  • Filter 'wpseo_pre_analysis_post_content' output is now only loaded in DOM object if not empty. - props mgmartel.
  • $post_content is now unset after loading in DOM object. - props mgmartel.
  • Fix Alexa ID string validation, as reported by kyasajin and Bubichka in issue 736 - props Jrf.
  • Fix issue with Soliloquy image query, as reported by osalcedo and mattisherwood in issue #733 - props Jrf.


  • Twitter metatag key is now filterable by 'wpseo_twitter_metatag_key'.
  • Added a filter called "wpseo_replacements" in wpseo_replace_vars to allow customization of the replacements before they are applied - props martinernst.
  • Added useful links for page analysis - props bhubbard.
  • i18n Updates
  • Updated nl_NL, id_ID, it_IT, fr_FR and de_DE
  • Added ko
  • Updated .pot file.