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Yoast SEO 1.4.13


  • Fixed ampersand (&) in site title in Title Templates loading as &
  • Fixed error when focus keyword contains a / - props Jrf.
  • Fixed issue with utf8 characters in meta description - props Jrf.
  • Fixed undefined property error - props Jrf.
  • Fixed undefined index error for the last page of the tour - props Jrf.
  • Fixed undefined index error for images without alt - props Jrf.
  • Fix output of author for Google+ when using a static front page - props petervanderdoes.
  • Keyword density calculation not working when special character in focus keyword - props siriuzwhite.
  • Reverse output buffer cleaning for XML sitemaps, as that collides with WP Super Cache, thanks to Rarst for finding this.
  • Fix canonical and rel=prev / rel=next links for paginated home pages using index.php links.
  • Fixed og:title not following title settings.


  • Improved breadcrumbs and titles for 404 pages - props Jrf.
  • Moved XSL stylesheet from a static file in wp-content folder to a dynamic one, allowing it to work for sites that prevented the wp-content dir from being opened directly, f.i. through Sucuri's hardening.
  • Added a link in the XSL pointing back to the sitemap index on individual sitemaps.
  • When remove replytocom is checked in the permalink settings, these are now also redirected out.
  • Added filters to OpenGraph output functions that didn't have them yet.