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Yoast Video SEO 1.7


  • Fixed: bug where $content would be empty for an mrss_item.
  • Fixed: minor bug in upgrade routine.
  • Fixed: bugs in Animoto and Screenr oembed provider addition.
  • Fixed: issue with sitemap errors when conflicting http protocols were given.
  • Fixed: video sitemap could show in sitemap index even when no posts with videos were found.
  • Fixed: video description generated from content could break off in the middle of a word or html entity.
  • Fixed: error on plugin activation.
  • Fixed: sitemap conflict when a custom post type named 'video' would exist.
  • Fixed: issue where durations would not be shown correctly in the metabox/


  • Add oembed support for domain and wistia protocol-relative urls.
  • Moved language file loading to the init hook to allow for translation overloading.
  • Improved clean-up of uploaded files.
  • Update snippet preview to use latest Google design changes in line with the earlier update to WP SEO. This fixes the javascript error some people were experiencing.
  • Auto-deactivate plugin in circumstances that it can't work.
  • Increased size of YouTube thumbnail image being retrieved.