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Yoast Local SEO 7.1


  • Fixed output of JSON+LD under widgets and shortcodes.
  • Fixed undefined variable for options in Locations Repository class
  • Cast location ID as an array to make it countable.
  • Images on the shortcode buttons weren't showing due to a wrong path.
  • Fixed a bug where the Local SEO Shortcode buttons no longer appeared when adding a new post/page/cpt.


  • Added two filters to disable enhanced search and enhanced search results: yoast_local_seo_enhanced_search_enabled and yoast_local_seo_enhanced_search_result_enabled


  • Moved enhanced search functions to own class.
  • Split the enhanced search posts_clauses function filter into posts_where, posts_join and posts_orderby.
  • Updated YoastSEO.js to 1.30