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Yoast Local SEO 3.2


  • Added a support beacon, so you can reach support directly from the Local SEO settings page.
  • Make it possible to empty the "default country" field for the store locator, so it will not pollute the search results when you have locations in mutiple countries.


  • Fixed a bug where Custom Marker Upload field was shown on all taxonomy and category edit pages.
  • Fixed issue where routeplanner showed destination marker and location marker
  • Fixed WooCommerce product search. Local search was interfering this product search with location details. Since location details are not needed in product search, this has been removed.
  • In some cases the map was unable to find a route when only a zip code was entered. The default country from the options is added to the route calculation now.
  • "Show Locations Per Category" is now also working at regular pages.
  • itemprop="openingHours" added to standalone Opening hours widget/shortcode.
  • The comma displayed after city when 'Show State' is not selected has now been removed.
  • Don't show store locator when not having multiple locations.
  • Disabled the store locator functionality when not having multiple locations (you could a regular map with route calculation instead).
  • Location specific checks that were added to the content analysis would no longer work in combination with Yoast SEO 3.2 and higher.
  • In Map widget: Show map widget: Location dropdown no longer hides/shows after saving.
  • Opening hours widget for "current location" is working again.