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Yoast Local SEO 12.2


  • Copy data from another location is now a Select2 box, which makes it easier to search for other locations.

  • Shows a floating Save changes button on the Local SEO admin pages when the normal button is not visible in the browser window.

  • UI changes:

  • The description concerning 2 sets of opening hours now only shows when this option is enabled.

  • The question mark, indicating there is a help description for a field, is now in accordance with the Yoast SEO plugin styling.

  • Better alignment of the 'This is no physical address' label on a locations page.


  • Fixed a possible undefined index error when a location has a weekday set to 'open 24 hours'.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the route planner never to show up under a map, even when enabled.
  • Fixed issue where fields might break out of the meta box on smaller screens.
  • Prevent admin-rtl.css console error. Enqueueing of this file has been removed, because it does not exist.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the VAT ID toggle not to work in the address block.
  • Removed quoting of simple DB placeholders.
  • Prevent upload button triggering on hitting return when focused on an input field in the meta box.


  • Changed label from 'open 24h' to 'open 24 hours'.
  • Added additional sanitation for setting and meta box inputs.
  • The calculation of the timezone is now only triggered if the lat/lng actually changes.