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Yoast Local SEO 1.3.1


  • Fixed unability to save 2 sets of opening hours
  • Fixed issue where multiple locations or change of slug gave a 404.
  • Fixed issue where business URL input field did not contain the correct URL
  • Don't display number of results in store locator when no search is performed yet
  • Fixed attachment upload when adding URLs for images in CSV import
  • Fixed: Checkbox to use 24h format in metabox doesn't work when using multiple locations
  • Fixed: business url was not being saved
  • show_email wasn't being set to false, when not selecting it in the shortcode popup
  • Business types were not saved correctly in metabox (musing ultiple locations)


  • Hide import options when not using multiple locations
  • Change link in Address (and store locator results) into "Business URL" option, with fallback to permalink
  • Add option to make maps scrollable (or not)
  • Added several new markups (Residences, Government Buildings, Churches etc.)
  • Added radius to "Show store locator" popup