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Yoast Local SEO 1.2


  • Checkbox 'Hide closed days' in widget-admin now works.
  • Added filter 'wpseo_local_location_route_title_name' for title 'route' of widget and shortcode
  • Added esc_html to filter 'wpseo_local_location_title_tag_name'
  • Replaced WPSEO_LOCAL_URL constants by using plugins_url() so that it can be filtered (where needed)


  • Added a store locator. Gives you the possibility to let people search for the neirest store/office
  • Added a custom taxonomy for categorizing your locations
  • You can enter custom URLs for your locations now
  • Better icons for adding shortcodes
  • Better UI for selecting the map style when adding a map shortcode
  • Added possibility to add comma separated ID's to wpseo_map shortcode for selectively showing locations on a map
  • Added a second field for a phone number (office, mobile etc.)
  • Allow HTML in the "Extra comment" field in the Address and Opening Hours widgets


  • Updated .pot file