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Yoast SEO 5.0


  • Fixes a bug where images via https were not working, props Jannik Zschiesche.
  • Fixes a bug where the whip notification can be shown multiple times.


  • Introduces a module that counts links in the content.
  • Adds Flesch Reading for Italian.
  • Changes 'page title' to 'seo title' in the snippet preview.
  • Changes recommended maximum sentence length for Italian from 20 to 25 words, based on more in-depth research.
  • Implements the extracted version of the Algolia Search which is now present in yoast-components.
  • Adds a banner for the structured data course.

Under the hood

  • Introduces a database table to keep track of the linking structure. If the table cannot be created, a notification will be shown.
  • When there are posts or pages to reindex, a notice will be shown.