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Yoast SEO 1.4.20


  • Fixed bug where posts set to always index would not end up in XML sitemap.

  • Fix Invalid argument supplied for foreach() notice for WPML as reported by pbearne - props Jrf.

  • Yoast tracking cron job will now unschedule on disallowing of tracking, on deactivation and on uninstall, inspired by Bluebird Blvd. - props Jrf.

  • Fix issue #453: setting shop as homepage caused a notice and wrong title with WooCommerce.

  • Fixed a bug #449 where a canonical, when manually set for a category, tag or term, could get pagination added to it on paginated pages, when it shouldn't.

  • Fixed a bug where manually set canonicals would end up in rel="next" and rel="prev" tags.

  • Fixed a bug #450 where noindexed pages would appear in the HTML sitemap.

  • Fixed a bug where non-public taxonomies would appear in the HTML sitemap.

  • Fixed quotes not working in meta title and description for terms, issue #405.

  • Make sure author sitemap works when they should.

  • Fix some notices in author sitemap, issue #402.

  • Fix breadcrumbs being broken on empty post type archives, issue #443.

  • Fixed a possible caching issue when title_test option remained set, issue #419.

  • Make sure og:description is shown on homepage when it's left empty in settings, fixes #441.

  • Make sure there are no WPML leftovers in our title, issue #383.

  • Fix padding on fix it buttons with 3.8 design, issue #400.

  • Hide SEO columns in responsive admin ( in 3.8 admin design ), issue #445.

  • Misc

  • Switch back to MailChimp for newsletter subscribe.

  • Default to nofollowing links in RSS feed footers.

  • i18n

  • Updated es_ES, pt_BR & ru_RU

  • Added sk_SK