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Yoast SEO 1.3.2

  • Updated wordpress-seo.pot
  • Updated Turkish (tr_TR) filename.
  • Updated Spanish (es_ES) translation.
  • Fixed bug where non-admin users couldn't save their profile updates.
  • Fixed bug with the same OpenGraph image appearing multiple times.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent import and export of plugin settings.
  • Try to do a redirect back after saving settings.
  • Properly allow for attachment pages in XML sitemaps, default them to off.
  • Fixed annoying bug where checkboxes wouldn't display as "checked" even when the value was set to true.
  • Show post type name and taxonomy name (as opposed to label) next to labels in XML sitemap settings to more easily identify post types and taxonomies.
  • Switch tracking to a daily cronjob instead of an admin process to prevent tracking from slowing down admin interface.
  • Focus keyword detection now properly works for diacritical focus keywords as well.
  • Properly apply filters to meta desc and titles in admin grid.
  • Properly detect new versions of Facebook plugin too.
  • Allow changing of the number of posts per XML sitemap, to prevent memory issues on certain installs.