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Yoast SEO Premium 3.1

  • Made PHP redirects faster and more efficient.
  • Added an interface to easily serve 410 (content deleted) headers for posts you have just deleted.
  • Added support for creating 451 (legal takedown) headers in the redirect manager.
  • Improved existing validations, ensuring redirects are complete and unique.
  • Added a validation error that checks for a redirect loop.
  • Added validation warnings for the following cases:
    • when a redirect points to an url that is redirected.
    • when a redirect point to a url that cannot be resolved.
    • when a redirect points to a url that doesn't return a 200 OK status code.
  • Changed the interface for inline editing of redirects to resemble the redirect form used to add redirects.
  • Fixes a possible fatal error on update.
  • Replaced checkboxes and radio buttons with toggles on the Premium settings pages.
  • Makes sure post / term slugs uniqueness checks also take into account redirects.
  • Makes sure redirected are redirected both with and without trailing slash.
  • Takes the WP permalink structure into account in deciding if we should redirect to a slug with or without trailing slash.
  • Makes sure links to our knowledge base open in a new window.
  • Added a few knowledge base suggestions to our support beacon on the redirects page.
  • Merge with Yoast SEO 3.1.