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Yoast SEO Premium 18.7

In Yoast SEO Premium 18.7, we’re expanding our recently introduced crawl settings. These features will let you turn off different things WordPress automatically adds to your site. Hardly anyone uses these, but these do add overhead to your site. You now have much more control over what you want search engines to crawl on your WordPress site. Check it out! Read more about what's new in Yoast SEO Premium 18.7 in our release post in English or our release post in Spanish!


  • Adds a series of features to remove unneeded links and content from a site's <head> section.
  • Adds more settings to disable the global feed, all the Atom/RDF feeds and the feeds for comments, post authors, categories, tags, custom taxonomies, post types and search results.
  • Improves the accuracy of the Keyphrase in slug assessment by recognizing different word forms of hyphenated keyphrases in the slug (e.g. if keyphrase is ex-husband and slug is ex-husbands).


  • Fixes a bug where the term SEO title and meta description would not be exported.


  • Sets the minimum required version of Yoast SEO to 19.1.