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Yoast SEO Premium 17.1

Yoast SEO 17.1 is out today! In this release, you’ll find a couple of small changes that’ll help you write great titles that stand up to Google’s scrutiny. It also includes some behind-the-scenes improvements, including several fixes for our indexables data management. For now, please enjoy Yoast SEO and write the best possible content in the language of your choice! Read more about what’s new in Yoast SEO 17.1 in our release post!


  • Only calculates internal link suggestions when the internal links sidebar (or metabox in the classic editor) is opened. This should improve performance in all editors, especially for large sites.
  • Makes the internal linking suggestions load faster by improving query performance.
  • Improves word form recognition for irregular stem-changing verbs in Italian (e.g., fare, dire, piacere, scegliere, produrre).


  • Fixes a bug where the weights of prominent words in your post would always be updated in the database, even when their weights were unchanged. This should improve performance when updating a post.
  • Fixes a bug which caused additional loading time for admin pages, when multiple languages and plugins were installed.
  • Fixes a bug where we incorrectly labeled a related keyphrase as the focus keyphrase in the keyphrase length assessment on cornerstone pages.