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Yoast SEO Premium 14.7


  • Improves the algorithm used for generating internal linking suggestions, taking the relative frequency of the prominent words in your content into account.
  • Enables internal linking suggestions for all languages.
  • Adds internal linking support for terms. Terms can now be suggested as internal linking suggestions for posts.
  • Adds a label to the internal linking suggestions, indicating the post type or taxonomy name of the suggested post or term.
  • Changes the description of the site-wide internal linking analysis on the SEO tools page to better describe when it should be used.
  • Sets the minimum amount of words before generating prominent words to 100 words.
  • Notifies the user to add a meta description and title to get better internal linking suggestions by a message above the internal linking suggestions.
  • Adds recognition of common irregular plural nouns (e.g., uomo - uomini) and adjectives (e.g., ampio - ampli) in Italian.
  • Adds recognition of common irregular diminutives in Italian, such as nouns (e.g., ovetto - uovo), adjectives (e.g., dolciastro - dolce), and verbs (e.g., scribacchiare - scrivere).
  • Improves word form recognition of Russian nouns with stems that have endings similar to noun case suffixes (e.g., сиптом, гром, запах).
  • Improves keyword recognition of Russian irregular plurals.
  • Improves stemming of common irregular verbs in French (e.g., connusse, suiviez).
  • Improves recognition of several French first person plural verb forms with suffix -ons (not -ions), e.g. aimons, aidons, oisons, aerons.
  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.5: makes sure Yoast internal linking blocks are searchable, have examples and a description.


  • Enables tracking when activating premium. Previously tracking was always on. It can now be disabled in the configuration wizard.
  • Includes every change in Yoast SEO core 14.7. See the core changelog.