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Yoast SEO for Shopify 18-03-2024 08:44


  • Changes the background color to the Yoast global standard.
  • Changes "Twitter" into "X" as a profile for site representation.
  • Changes "Twitter" into "X" for the social appearance preview.
  • Improves keyphrase detection by treating hyphens and en-dashes as word boundaries. For example, if the keyphrase is 'dog-training tips', a keyphrase occurrence will be recognized as long as the words 'dog', 'training', and 'tips' are found in the same sentence.
  • Improves recognition of single-word function words for Arabic and Hebrew.
  • Improves the highlighting of keyphrases that contain hyphens or dashes. For example, if the keyphrase is 'Cold War era', it will be correctly highlighted in the phrase 'post-Cold War era'. Previously, the word 'post' would also be highlighted.
  • Improves the inclusive language analysis by refining feedback strings and excluding false positives for phrases related to mental health.


  • Fixes a bug where the keyphrase in slug assessment would crash when the site language was Indonesian, the keyphrase contained a reduplicated word (e.g. 'buku-buku'), and a form of that word also occurred in the slug.