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Yoast SEO for Shopify 06-11-2023 10:55


  • Improves the word complexity assessment for English by expanding the list of frequently used words.
  • Improves the inclusive language analysis by making the feedback more clear and consistent, refining the list of targeted phrases, and adding more alternatives for some of the non-inclusive phrases. Specifically, this includes the following changes:
    • Aligns the traffic light color and written feedback for all phrases.
    • Makes some feedback strings more accurate by replacing the word ‘overgeneralizing’ with ‘harmful’.
    • Adds ‘Rom’ and ‘Roma’ as additional alternatives to ‘gypsy’.
    • Adds additional alternatives to ‘homosexuals’.
    • Improves the feedback shown for the phrases ‘abnormal behaviour’, ‘behaviourally normal’, and ‘behaviourally abnormal’.
    • Improves the feedback shown for the word ‘minorities’.
    • Removes ‘narcissistic’ as a targeted phrase when followed by ‘personality disorder’.
    • Removes ‘Ebonics’ and ‘normal behaviour’ from the list of targeted phrases.