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User-testing Gutenberg

30 October 2017 | 4 Comments |

Post: At Yoast, we organize a company-wide user testing session each month. In these sessions, we ask our employees to take a look at a product or feature. On October 12th we focused on user-testing Gutenberg. We did this to gain a better understanding of how different users work with Gutenberg. This knowledge is sure to …

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On the WordPress UI library choice: extensibility over interoperability

25 September 2017 | 2 Comments |

Post: In the upcoming weeks, WordPress will choose a UI rendering framework. I’ve heard many claims plugin / theme developers will still be able to use whatever they like, regardless of what WordPress chooses. I think we shouldn’t count on that, nor should we focus on providing interoperability at this point. Instead we should focus first …

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