WooCommerce SEO Schema output

The WooCommerce SEO plugin stitches the Yoast SEO schema output and the WooCommerce schema output together, making sure it's one, coherent, graph. At the same time it also enriches the output with several attributes.

All schema output is added to the Yoast SEO base output for that page type.

Product pages

The WooCommerce schema output is picked up and filtered by the Yoast SEO output.

  • WebPage
    • @type changed to ItemPage.
  • Product
    • seller references our Organization.
    • image references the page's primary image.
    • aggregateRating ouptuts a summary and calculated average of the product's star ratings/reviews.
    • review becomes an array of all the reviews on the page.
    • mainEntityOfPage added, pointing to WebPage, making the product the main entity of the page.
    • brand added based on brand taxonomy set in Yoast WooCommerce SEO settings.
    • manufacturer added based on manufacturer taxonomy set in Yoast WooCommerce SEO settings.

Woo's Breadcrumbs output is filtered away, as it collides with ours.

Checkout pages

  • WebPage
    • @type changed to CheckoutPage.