Schema output for WooCommerce SEO

The schema output for our WooCommerce SEO plugin builds upon the Yoast SEO schema output, to add additional detail about products and ecommerce functionality.

Core functionality

On all pages

  • Remove WooCommerce's breadcrumb schema.

On product pages

  • Change the @type of the WebPage piece into ItemPage.
  • Alter the Product piece.
    • Apply our validation logic to each existing WooCommerce piece/value.
    • Set the brand and manufacturer properties, based on taxonomy settings.
    • Set the seller to the Organization (or Person) which is set as the Publisher of the WebSite.
    • Stitch offers, review and/or aggregateRating values into the graph (when available / as appropriate).
  • Add a mainEntityOfPage property to the Product, referencing the WebPage by ID.

On product listing pages

  • Add a @type value of CollectionPage to the WebPage.
  • Add a Product piece for each product returned by the query.
  • Add an itemList piece which references each of those products by ID.
  • Add a mainEntityOfPage property to the itemList which references the WebPage.

On checkout pages

  • Change the @type of the WebPage piece to CheckoutPage.