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The social WordCamp US »

Compared to many other IT-related conferences, WordCamps have always been slightly less technical. Not as focused on writing code as many others are. Over the years I've learned this may have something to do with the way our community is built. The WordPress community is not as homogeneous as others. It consists of developers, designers, […]

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You should never attend a WordCamp »

Social events like WordCamps and meetups are gaining popularity. You might even find one in your own city. Do not attend and stay away from them, you must.

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Developer takeaways from WordCamp US »

Two weeks ago Taco, Patrick and I went on a trip to the US of A to visit Philadelphia for the first ever WordCamp US. There are a lot of topics to cover, but in this article I'll highlight some of my experiences as a developer taking part in WordCamp US and the WordPress Community […]

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