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Digital storytelling in the age of blocks

26 March 2020 | Omar Reiss

Last September, we released our first digital story; Diversity, inequality, and prejudice; a sociological exploration. This is the first in what will, hopefully, become a small series of stories that really define our mission, company culture, and broader vision. With these stories, we want to explore the possibilities the WordPress block editor has to offer …

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How to create a Gutenblock with ACF

30 October 2019 | Sjardo Janssen

If you have limited knowledge about JavaScript, building native Gutenblocks can be a challenge. All the documentation contains JavaScript. Yet, when you build a theme, most things are done with PHP. Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) built a great bridge to close this gap, allowing you to build Gutenblocks with just PHP! As ACF is an …

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Developing Gutenblocks is not for the faint of heart

13 June 2019 | 1 Comment | Edwin Toonen

What’s it like building blocks for the new block editor for WordPress? Turns out it’s pretty hard. Our front-end developer Sjardo Janssen spent a considerable amount of time learning how to do this. The new editor is built on technologies unfamiliar for many front-ender, Sjardo found. He also found it incredibly hard obtaining what he …

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WordPress Gutenberg blocks

On the WordPress UI library choice: extensibility over interoperability

25 September 2017 | 2 Comments | Omar Reiss

In the upcoming weeks, WordPress will choose a UI rendering framework. I’ve heard many claims plugin / theme developers will still be able to use whatever they like, regardless of what WordPress chooses. I think we shouldn’t count on that, nor should we focus on providing interoperability at this point. Instead we should focus first …

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